Deathpunk – the cover!

The next element of my self-publishing masterplan is a badass-looking book cover. With the aid of my extremely limited Photoshop skills, a free font and a public domain image courtesy of the British Library’s Flickr Stream I cobbled together this easy-to-read, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin monochrome delight:


Now, it’s not obviously vampirey, but I wanted to steer clear of the trends you see in contemporary vampire novel covers – stock photo of blandly attractive young woman, an inoffensive quantity of blood, spooky red font etc.

So I hope that the combination of title and design makes it immediately obvious that it’s a) gothic/punky in tone b) takes place in Victorian times and c) is set in London. And the Tower of London, of course, carries its own set of ghastly connotations.  I would have liked to have thrown some skulls in there, but didn’t want it to look ‘busy’.


Ebook Formatting, baby!

I have embarked on the formidable task of formatting my book for e-readers.  I was not previously aware of this excruciating process, but thanks to the blessed guidance of indie author Joey Paul, and her excellent recommendation of Smashwords Style Guide, I am well on my way to creating an ebook that won’t make readers’ eyeballs ache.  I have to say, so far it is looking very sexy indeed.  I am anxious to unleash it on the unsuspecting public.  Brace yourselves.


I have just purchased ten shiny new ISBN numbers, for the princely sum of £149.99.  I’m not entirely sure if these are necessary for self-publishing, but hey-ho, in for a penny, in for a pound.  And hopefully it will motivate me to write nine more books so I get my money’s worth.

I suppose the next step is to re-jig my book so it looks lovely in ebook format.  This apparently requires more technical savvy than I possess.  Wish me luck.